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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Beware Of the Blob

Half a century ago Steve McQueen was an unknown young actor looking for parts. He was offered $3,000 to play the starring role in a little indie SF/horror flick called "The Molton Meteor". He jumped at the offer. It is better known under its release title -- "The Blob". The film's main theme was composed by a fairly obscure young composer, Burt Bacharach. Both the film and the song went on to make millions while Steve and Burt went on to superstardom.

I once met a guy in Philly who claimed to have the Blob stored in his home in a simple sealed container bearing the instructions, "KEEP REFRIGERATED!"

The film was set in Downingtown, Pennsylvania but was mostly shot in nearby Phoenixville. One of the most effective scenes was set in the local theatre, "The Colonial", where the Blob ate the projectionist and then attacked an audience watching a horror film. The Colonial Theatre has recently been restored and next week [July 11-13] will be hosting a "Blobfest" including two showings of the film plus some other period horror productions, re-enactment of scenes from the movie, a sock hop [music by the Neanderthals, "The Band that Time Forgot"], and a fire extinguisher parade.

Sounds like fun and something that film buffs in the Philadelphia region might want to check out.

Read about it here.