Day By Day

Monday, July 07, 2008

George Bush, Truthteller

Well, it was quite a week for the administration, not that anybody noticed.

There was good news [actually no news] on the economic front. Unemployment continued unchanged at a low level that in a Democratic administration would be trumpeted as "full employment" [here].

In Iraq al Qaeda was driven from it last major stronghold in Mosul and, as the Times reported, murders are down, the jihadis are on the run, and the Iraqi government has taken control of the province [here]. Meanwhile in the south, Iraqi government forces scored major victories against the Sadrists,who appear to be on their last legs [here]. Peace is rapidly returning to Iraq.

Most interestingly, one of the biggest secrets of then Iraq war was finally brought to light when 550 metric tons of yellowcake was delivered from Iraq to buyers in Canada [here]. That's right "yellowcake", the highly concentrated form of uranium that is used in the creation of nuclear weapons. Ironically, the story broke five years to the day after the publication of Joe Wilson's infamous New York Times article that asserted, erroneously, that Saddam was not seeking to acquire yellowcake. That story, as you know, led to the whole Plame wars. It turns out that Saddam was indeed accumulating and retaining materials needed to restart his nuclear weapons program.

So, once again, it turns out in retrospect that Bush was telling the truth in the runup to the Iraq war and it was his critics who were propagating lies.


"Lifetrek" notes that this story was reported before, back in 2004, and should not be getting all the attention that bloggers have bestowed on it [here].