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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

VDH on McCain and Obama

VDH argues that McCain can't win the argument over who had better judgment on the Surge. People don't care about that -- they just want the war to be over. Instead, McCain should focus his campaign on domestic issues.
McCain should not get trapped into surge dialectics, but stay on 5-6 domestic themes: he wants to transition us to green energy through drilling, nuclear, clean coal, and all our resources; Obama has bought into Gorism and thinks we can hope and change our way magically to "wind, solar, and millions of new jobs in green energies"; McCain will close the border first and discuss the thorny issues later; Obama won't. McCain will cut federal spending and pay off debt, Obama wants a trillion dollars in new entitlements; McCain won't raise taxes; Obama's could make the top brackets pay, European-style, 65 percent in state and federal taxes, and stifle economic growth with new levies on capital gains, inheritances, payroll, and income; McCain will appoint judges who follow and interpret, not create, laws; Obama will do the opposite; McCain knows the military and what it can do to protect American interests; Obama wants to create a shadow civilian force “that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the $500 billion a year Pentagon.
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Considered in this way Obama's domestic ambitions look a lot scarier than his obvious incompetence in foreign affairs. That shadow civilian force sure looks a lot like fascism to me.