Day By Day

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cluster of Clowns Update -- Another Obama Screwup

In his efforts to pimp the stimulus farce, Obama has repeatedly claimed that the CEO of Caterpillar Corporation assured him that he would begin hiring back employees as soon as it went into effect. Well, not so. CEO Jim Owens [who has a Ph. D. in economics] told ABC News that rather than hiring back laid-off employees, he would be letting more go and that the stimulus bill would have little immediate effect on employment.

At the least this shows that Obama is completely out of touch with what is happening in the real world. Are the serial screwups emanating from Obama's White House due to the fact that the President's staff is a cluster of clowns; is it that the Chief Clown himself has spent his life in an activist/academic bubble where lefty theory has insulated him from reality; or is it just that our fine Young Messiah is terminally incompetent?

You make the call.