Day By Day

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Pennsylvania Pictures -- It's Coming

There are harbingers of Spring all over the hill -- it's coming, it's coming. The local bird population is growing each week. Here's a recent visitor to my front yard -- a Tennessee warbler, I believe.

My wife planted this last summer -- don't know what it is, but with the morning sun shining through it, it's purty. UPDATE: My wife tells me that it's a hydrangea. Whatever.

Melting ice ledge on a small creek. I took this down in Orwigsburg, just behind the Post Office, then headed across the street for lunch at Subway.

Here's the loading dock at the P.O. What made me notice it was all the color. It stood out against the bleak surroundings.

And back to the birds. Driving along the New Philadelphia road the other morning we kept disturbing flocks of birds. Fortunately I wasn't behind the wheel and had my camera in my lap.