Day By Day

Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Pennsylvania Pictures -- Driving Down to Reading

Back a few months ago I posted pictures from the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. This was taken at the Farmer's Market in Reading, across from the Fairgrounds Mall.

This is a segment of the old Schuylkill Canal that linked the anthracite coal region to Philadelphia. In the early nineteenth century it was one of the busiest waterways in the land. Now it just sits, frozen over.

Here's what put the canal out of business. The railroad, which ran parallel to the waterway about twenty yards away. Now it lies quiet too, the rails rusted over.

I've been experimenting with vertical composition lately. This is just a barren field along Rte. #895. I like the washed-out color and the lone tree.

This is another field along the same road. This time I ramped up the contrast to emphasize the difference between the plowed and fallow strips of ground.