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Friday, February 06, 2009

The Party of Fear

Democrats like to argue that Republicans gain power only by scaring people about non-existent threats [like the Soviet Union, Radical Islam, etc.], but the real Party of Fear is the one that incessantly predicts imminent crisis. From the fear of nuclear armageddon, to the predictions of overpopulation and global famine, to the urban crisis [remember that?] to the global cooling/warming/cooling/change/whatever crisis, to today's global economic meltdown, it has always been the Democrats who have been America's most prominent scare mongers. Remember the predictions that a Republican victory would result in seniors being thrown out into the street, that lynching would be reinstituted, that women would be denied rights, that the US would embark on an endless war of conquest, that they would end social security, etc? They were all advanced by the Party of Fear -- the Democrats.

The latest evidence of this is the Young Messiah's article in the Washington Post in which he describes the current economic troubles in catastrophic terms. It is, according to Obama, "an economic crisis as deep and dire as any since the days of the Great Depression", one that "we may not be able to reverse".

The solution? Pass massive spending legislation like the so-called "stimulus bill" laden with liberal wish list goodies.

Read it here.

Classic scaremongering, plain and simple, and a staple of Democrat political strategy.

I thought this President promised change, but what he offers is simply more of the same.


Lindsay Graham agrees. Read it here.