Day By Day

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coming to Terms With Reality

Victor Davis Hanson notes the numerous adjustments Obama has made in a wide range of positions impacting national security since being elected:

I think President Obama is to be congratulated for the adjustments to his positions on NAFTA, and likewise on FISA, Iraq, rendition, Gitmo (now that it has suddenly and mysteriously met the Geneva standard), the Patriot Act, etc. These changes of heart enhance U.S. security, I think, and the President is to be commended for supporting them.
The point here is that the rhetoric of the Democrat campaign, driven by the angry Left, was so obviously out of line with reality on so many issues as to be insane. Clearly nobody except the loony Left and other mental incompetents expected Obama to honor his campaign promises once he was in a position of responsibility.

What does this say about our electoral process -- that we should elect a man to office expecting, or in many cases hoping, that he has been lying to us all along?

And what does it say about the man we elected?

Things to think about.

Read Professor Hanson's piece here.

Also: Hanson notes that Obama (aware of the legal difficulties involved in attempting, as President Bush did, to wage a relatively humane war) seems to have decided that blowing people to pieces at a distance with hellfire missiles is much less problematic than taking people prisoner and then having to worry what to do with them and their pesky advocates.