Day By Day

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hollywood Hates You

John Nolte has a piece in "Big Hollywood" about the ways in which the film community's version of recent American history diverges from reality. He has some good points, to wit:

John Kennedy was not the liberal that Hollywood makes him out to be.

Nixon successfully ended America's direct participation in the Vietnam War.

Charlie Wilson did not win the Cold War.

Veterans are not psychos.

The homeless are not fonts of wisdom.

It is interesting to contemplate the ideas undergirding such presentations. In the minds of the men who make the movies the American people are stupid dupes manipulated by evil marketers [not a remarkable perspective considering that these are people whose entire careers consist of manipulating audiences]. Because the public in general is in the thrall of the evil establishment, wisdom and truth must be found elsewhere -- in foreign lands, in the minds of society's outcasts, or in the lives of people who, for speaking truth to power, were killed by minions of the establishment. Finally, the establishment and those who serve it are a threat to themselves, to the nation, and to the world. The only sane and moral stance is perpetual antagonism to it.

Read Nolte's article here.