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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lies Of the Left -- I. F. Stone

The maddening thing is that it takes so very long to expose the lies of the Left -- often decades of work by diligent researchers are required. Such is the case of I. F. Stone, long celebrated as a fearless liberal journalist who spoke truth to power. There have long been persistent allegations and mounting evidence that Stone was in fact a Soviet agent. Now, it seems, the case is finally closed.

One of the more interesting facts presented in the article is this:

[T]he KGB recruited a great many journalists. A 1941 internal KGB summary report broke down the occupations of Americans working for the spy agency in the prior decade. Twenty-two were journalists, a profession outnumbered only by engineers (forty-nine) and dwarfing economists (four) and professors (eight).
Read about it here.