Day By Day

Monday, April 27, 2009


Just how stupid can these Obamamaniacs be? Manhattanites were treated today to the sight of the Presidential jet flying overhead, as low as 150 feet above the skyline, rounding the Statue of Liberty and taking a second buzz run over Manhattan. There was no advance notification and people throughout the city were panicked as visions of 9/11 flashed through their minds. Mayor Bloomberg knew nothing about it until alarms started going off.

The whole thing was a publicity stunt set up by the White House, but initial reports blamed the Pentagon. Later the blame game was clarified and lodged squarely at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Supposedly there had been advance notification, but somehow it hadn't been widely communicated. The public was kept in the dark and even Mayor Bloomberg didn't know that it was going to happen. This is an incredibly stupid stunt that was guaranteed to scare thousands and thousands of people.

But then, scaring people is what this administration is all about.

Read about it here.

I guess Manhattan is now flyover country.

People say that the Obamination has a Sept 10th mindset. This confirms it.