Day By Day

Friday, April 03, 2009

More Pennsylvania Pictures

Vacancy -- there are a lot of abandoned homes here on the hill. Must be the credit crisis. I blame Bush!

Tree Farm -- We produce a lot of ornamental trees and shrubs around here. Not clear yet what effect the economic crisis will have on the market for such things, but I expect that it will not be good.

McKeansburg at the intersection of Rtes #443 and #895. There's a large fire going just off frame. Out here in rural PA we don't recycle -- we burn.

A few months ago I ran a picture of "Buddy". Since the demise of "Boomer", Buddy had become the king of the hill and was very assertive in staking his claim to be top dog. Well, Buddy's campaign of intimidation suddenly hit a snag -- a big snag. Boomer's bigger cousin, "Diesel" came to visit and suddenly we didn't see much of Buddy. It didn't last long, though. Diesel eventually went home and Buddy is back.