Day By Day

Saturday, July 04, 2009

China Diary -- Part 29 Jingzhou to Wuhan

We went ashore at Jingzhou and boarded buses for the trip to Wuhan, the capital of Hubai province.

There seemed to be an inordinately large number of people spending their days staring at the surface of the river, but considering the early retirement age and the poverty of many retired people in China that's to be expected.

Our journey took us through some of the most fertile lands in China and the peasantry are reputed to be the most prosperous in the country -- living in two- and sometimes three-storey homes that, we were told, are magnificently decorated on the inside.

That may be, but there were still plenty of people living in ramshackle accommodations such as these.

And while we saw some evidence of mechanized farming....

Most of the farmers we saw made do with far more traditional methods.

Somehow it was refreshing to be traveling across semi-dry land after several days on the river. The procession of rice paddies, lotus pools, and fish ponds however soon became a bit boring, so I dozed off and didn't waken again until my wife poked me to tell me that we were pulling into Wuhan.