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Sunday, July 26, 2009

China Diary -- Part 45 West Lake

The next morning our destination was the Leifeng Pagoda [Thunder Mountain Pagoda] on Sunset Hill overlooking West Lake. If you read the summary of "Legend of White Snake" in the previous post, you know that, according to tradition, this is where White Snake was entombed and where the climactic battle between the monks and demons took place. The original pagoda was constructed more than a thousand years ago, but it collapsed in 1924 and was rebuilt just a few years ago. On display there is some of the original brickwork [where people toss coins hoping it brings them luck] and displays illustrating the legend of White Snake, but the real attraction is the magnificent view from the top of the tower of West Lake, reputed to be the most beautiful location in China.

After viewing the lake from above we, and seemingly half the population of the city, took a stroll along the lakeshore.

Here's a bit of what we saw.