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Monday, July 20, 2009

China Diary -- Part 41 The Streets of Suzhou

One of the nice things about our stay in Suzhou was the many opportunities we had to get out and walk around the city, observing day to day life rather than the carefully staged spectacles that were the high points of the tour. Here's a bit of what we saw.

Waiting..., waiting...,

Near the entrance to a restaurant -- I just liked the composition.

The city is criss-crossed with canals and a lot of the people have waterfront dwellings. Picturesque to be sure, but our guide pointed out that these are not the most comfortable nor the most healthy places to live.

Make way for the mopeds.

Piling on.

The national pastime. Our guide told us that he was one of three people in the whole province who did not play Mahjong.

A street market -- yum.