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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

China Diary -- Part 31 Nanjing

After leaving the museum we boarded buses for the airport for transport to our next destination, Nanjing. On our way I snapped a number of pictures of people we passed. Here are a few of them.

Outside of Beijing and Chongqing bicycles and mopeds are a primary form of transportation. One of our guides, who rode a moped to and from work, explained that the big problem with them was the battery. Every day when he got home he would have to remove the battery from his bike and take it to his apartment to recharge it. He lived on the fourth floor and there was no elevator. Yikes!

And, of course, in the parks we passed we saw people doing group exercises. It seems to be a national mania, especially for the elderly.

In Nanjing our first excursion was to a large park containing the tombs of the first Ming emperors and that of Dr. Sun Yatsen, the founder of modern China.

The path to the tombs was along a processional way flanked by statues of beasts and courtiers representing the power of the emperors.

There were a lot of people just hanging out in the park...

And there were even several families that pitched tents there. I don't know if they were planning to stay the night, but it sure looked like it.

And there was even another lucky turtle. "She Who Must Not Be Named" made sure she rubbed both its head and tail in hopes that it would grant her both great wealth and long life.

While "She" and her friends climbed to the top of this structure, which afforded them a nice view of treetops, I wandered through a nearby woods and found this delightful little cabin.

I then found a nice shady spot to sit and read until "She" returned from her climb. Then the group reassembled and many went to the tomb of Sun Yatsen (this guy).

Then it was back to the buses and on to our next destination -- another "shopping opportunity".