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Monday, February 28, 2005

Cryptozoology Update -- Here Be Monsters

From Tasmania comes the following report:

Tiger riddle grows


MYSTERIOUS photographs at the centre of the latest Tasmanian tiger sightings contain a thylacine, experts agree.Two senior Tasmanian figures who were asked to inspect the photographs last week agree -- the blurry and partially obscured animal shown is unmistakably a thylacine.

The photographs included the distinctive stripes Tasmanian tigers were renowned for, the pair said yesterday.

It now comes down to whether the images, snapped by a digital camera, can be proven to be authentic.

It is claimed the pictures were taken by the Victorian man's brother, described only as a tourist from Germany, who was bushwalking in remote wilderness near Lake St Clair during recent weeks.

That about sums it up for all these cases. A mysterious creature in some far corner of the globe, blurry and partial photographs of uncertain provenance, experts willing to talk to reporters but unwilling to make a firm judgment, leaving open the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the creature actually exists. And so it goes, and so it goes....

Actually, there's something comfortingly old-fashioned about all this.

Read about it here.

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