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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Net is Closing

India Daily has an interesting article on international cooperation in the War on Terror.
Al-Queda is getting squeezed from all directions. American forces recent superb performance in Iraq and Afghanistan is making Al-Queda scratch its head. And now report from Russia is equally bad for Al-Queda. Russian forces killed al Qaeda member Abu Dzeit, who was in charge of financing militant activity in southern Russia....

America’s and for that matter for the whole world the biggest triumph over terrorism was when Pakistan’s Musharraf turned around and ISI became Al-Queda hostile. That made India turn around through slowly. The whole region around Afghanistan slowly understood the limited capabilities of Talibans and the Al-Queda....

Al-Queda is also getting extremely pressed in Iraq. The Sunni leadership is questioning their legitimacy and any further need of insurgency. They may join the Iraqi political system and that will the day of triumph for American diplomacy and military....

Is Al-Queda then defeated? Not quite, say some experts and world-class think tanks. Al-Queda is not an organization; it is a parasite that feeds on human weakness, dissatisfaction and fear. And that is not going to go so easily. We can only hope that Al-Queda can be kept busy in defending itself and finding reasons for its existence. Slow economic prosperity in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Middle East will however wipe Al-Queda out from the map of the world. What they fear most is happiness of people especially in the Islamic world.
This is the large picture of the war on terror that the administration has been trying, with limited success, to project throughout the conflict. It is interesting that it has more resonance outside the US than with a domestic audience.

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