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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Trotting Turkeys

IBS reports that wild turkeys near Cincinnati, Ohio are getting downright cheeky. Normally they are very shy but occasionally... There's a nice picture with the story giving you an idea of just how formidible these birds can be.

A few years ago I was walking alone on the trails behind our Pennsylvania place and heard a sound behind me. I turned around and saw a line of wild turkeys walking single file toward me. When I turned, the lead turkey veered off into the brush along the side of the trail and the others followed right behind. I counted eighteen in the troop. I stood there in frustrated fascination wishing I had brought a camera with me. It's one of my favorite memories, one of the reasons I now carry a camera almost everywhere, and a big reason why there are "no hunting" signs all over the hill.

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