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Thursday, February 24, 2005

I Know Just How You Feel....

Ironic Moose speaks for a lot of us when he says:

I want my world back - the one I grew up with. The best I can determine is that somebody stole it sometime during the last ten years when I was dozing. Then they replaced it with this Bizarro world where 13 year old kids with rubber bands are terrorists and sword-wielding lunatics running around beheading little old ladies are "patriots and Minutemen" (thank you again for that wonderful analogy, Moore, you fat bastard).

Come to think of it, Michael Moore is probably part of this Bizarro world too. Michael Jackson unquestionably is.

I've just got this to say: Come back, whomever you are and return the old world. It worked pretty well and I wasn't quite finished with it. There will be no questions
asked and no charges laid. Please.

Nuff sed.

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