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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Maryland Politics again

Maryland Democrats are demanding an apology from Governor Robert Ehrlich for rumors that circulated regarding the marital fidelity of Baltimore Mayor Mr. Martin O'Malley. One of Ehrlich's aides resigned but that didn't quiet the calls for an apology which kept escalating. Now Gregory Kane, a black columnist, writing in the Baltimore Sun, calls on the Democrats to make some apologies of their own -- for calling black Republicans Oreo Cookies and Uncle Toms, for accusing white Republicans of being racists, and for generally playing the race card at every opporunity. Regarding the O'Malley rumors, he writes:

Now, with the rumors about O'Malley having flown around everywhere and among just about everybody, they're trying to claim the Republicans started them. I remember where I first heard those rumors, and believe me, it wasn't anywhere near a Republican Party office in the state.

Read about it here.

Ah, Maryland, my Maryland, where racial tensions rule!

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