Day By Day

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baltimore Pictures

I've been spending most of my time lately in Charm City. Here is some of what I saw.

This is where the Ravens roost. "She Who Must Not Be Named" and I spent Saturday evening there and had a great time.

We also spent an afternoon at the Baltimore Museum of Art. It adjoins the Johns Hopkins campus and there are always students hanging out there. These ones are enjoying a lovely day in the sculpture garden. The girls are nice to look at, but that is a great dog.

This is the Harbor East development. Right now it is the hottest real estate market in the area. A few years ago it was mostly warehouses. Now it is filled with condos, upscale shops and restaurants, and office complexes and is a magnet for young professionals, many of whom commute down to Washington. The only problem is that building under construction by the waterfront. It will be a forty-eight floor office tower that will block the magnificent views currently enjoyed by the denizens of the condos.

An old part of town -- South Charles Street near the Cross Street Market, where I will be heading in about a half hour. I'm getting hungry and there are lots of nice little restaurants in the area. Which one will I choose? Hmmmmm.