Day By Day

Monday, August 18, 2008

An Evening With the Ravens

This weekend "She Who Must Not Be Named" and I went to see the Ravens play. It was just an exhibition game against the Vikings, and the home-town team did not perform very well. Actually, the game was pretty much of a blowout. By the third quarter people were leaving the stadium, the drunks sitting a couple of rows behind us were focusing all their attention on trying to pick up vendor babes, and "She" was pointing out insects flying in the sky above us. In an effort to stir up some interest and keep the crowd from leaving the stadium management announced that as soon as the game concluded the jumbo screens would be showing local swimming hero, Michael Phelps' victory in the Olympics.

Still, we both had a good time. The NFL really knows how to do pageantry well, and I was even getting a bit choked up during the opening ceremonies honoring America's fighting men and veterans, although a small part of my mind kept thinking "this must be what it felt like to be at the party rally in Nuremberg."

They seem to have a lot more cheerleaders than I remember. Oh well, sex sells.

As I said above, the game was nothing much, but it was fun just being in the midst of all the people with the music blaring and the crowd cheering. And did I mention the cheerleaders?