Day By Day

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Democrats Unleashed

Get ready for it -- the Democrats are preparing the ground for an all-out take no prisoners assault on McCain.

Charges issued during the past few days, accusing Republicans of introducing racial themes into the campaign, were just preparation for the coming viciousness. For some time now, the Democrat SOP has been to unleash scurrilous and despicable attacks on their opponents while claiming loudly that these attacks are justified because evil Republicans were doing, or would have done even worse. There is no reason to suppose that this year will be any different. The fantastic charge that the McCain campaign is sending "coded" messages to white voters will lead to broader accusations of racism to be followed soon after by contemptible charges that would make even a Clinton blush.

And why am I confident that this tsunami of negativity is about to come? Simply this; Graciousness in campaigning is a luxury enjoyed by front-runners. When your opponent is trailing by significant margins, as McCain was doing until recently, you can afford to treat him respectfully. But when the gap begins to narrow the gloves come off and, at least for Democrats, anything goes.

So far John McCain has run an impeccably dignified campaign -- something that has frustrated many of his more aggressive supporters who keep urging him to go for the jugular. Finding nothing in McCain's comportment or that of his campaign to justify an attack, Democrats have been forced to manufacture an incident. That is what lies behind Obama's introduction of race themes into his rhetoric and the ridiculous charges of coded racist messages in McCain's campaign spots.

The Obamination desperately wants people to be talking and thinking about race because if they are the campaign can righteously justify literally anything they plan to do in the future as a response to Republican racism. And, with the messiah sinking in the polls, rest assured that they plan to do anything necessary to destroy Big Mac. In recent campaigns the Democrats have honed to perfection the politics of personal destruction and their arsenal is now trained squarely on McCain.

It's coming. Be ready for it. What will be interesting is how McCain responds to the Democrat onslaught. My sense is that he will determinedly try to stay above the fray, but will that work in the face of Democrat fury and dirty tricks?

Stay tuned.