Day By Day

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Night At the Movies

First the Olympics, now the Democrats -- I just can't take any more of this stuff. Gotta get away!!! Mindless movie fluff -- that's just the ticket.

So, "She Who Must Not Be Named" and I went out to a flick. I was somewhat inclined to see the new Anna Faris thingy -- she's always good for some mindless fluff -- but instead we decided to check out Tropic Thunder.

It was a hoot. TT is one long inside joke about today's movie business. There are sly and often witty references to dozens of films and actors, and several stars have cameo appearances. It's a smart spoof. Clearly the writers and actors had a great time making fun of themselves, their professions and their colleagues. And, if you (like we) have seen far too many movies, you will catch enough of the references to appreciate just how sharp and brutal the parody is. I won't go into the story, you can read about it in hundreds of reviews. I will note that there are two interesting performances in the film. One, by Robert Downey playing a dude who is playing a dude who is playing a dude, is a great showcase for one of our most versatile performers; and the other, by Tom Cruise playing the ultimate power-tripping studio executive, is a wonderful reminder why, for all his craziness and negative publicity, Cruise has been and remains a mega star. I particularly like his dance moves. It was also interesting to note just how limited a performer Jack Black is. He has a few comic moves and grimaces and that's it. Talented actors like Downey and Cruise just blow him out of the water. Much the same could be said about Ben Stiller, who turns in a workmanlike performance, but then he always does.

All in all it was an enjoyable film, well worth the price of admission, and afterwards we headed out to a nearby Thai restaurant for dinner. By the time we got home I was almost, but not quite, in a good enough mood to check the news. I turned on the TV and was immediately greeted by Bubba's grotesque visage, and then that of the Young Messiah (may peace be upon him). Disgusted, I turned off the set, sat down to write this, and now I'm going to bed.