Day By Day

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Cynic In Chief

Something really bothers me about the recent revelation that Iran has had a second, secret nuclear weapons production facility.

If the intelligence community, as it claims, has long been aware of this second facility, then our fine young president also knew about it and understood that the Iranian regime was lying to us and the international community. Yet he still stubbornly persisted in a policy based on the politically attractive assumption that the Iranian regime was trustworthy and susceptible to rational persuasion. And in furtherance of that policy, which he knew was doomed from the outset, he not only lied to the American people, he turned his back on Iran's democracy movement. Some say Obama is merely naive or incompetent, but these recent revelations show him to be profoundly amoral, cynical and duplicitous. Bush was right, the Iranians are not to be trusted and must be dealt with strongly, and Obama knows he was right -- he just refuses to admit it.