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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hanna Giles -- Another Smokin' Hot Republican Babe

Here she is folks, Hanna Giles -- the gorgeous and intrepid young lady who participated in the expose of ACORN's offices in Baltimore and Washington. She's become an overnight sensation among people who don't get their news exclusively from the MSM.

She wants to become a journalist. I'd say she's already more of a journalist than anyone on the payroll of the NYT, the WaPo, ABC, NBC, CBS, or PBS.

Read about the expose here.

Photo via Robert Stacy McCain who seems to have stalked Ms. Giles at a YAF convention.


McCain persistently denies that he has a collection of Hanna Giles bikini pictures, but of course that's what he would say.

Visit his site and judge for yourself here.