Day By Day

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Terror Threat Continues

The headlines are blood curdling:

U.S. Terror Suspects Accused of Targeting Marine Base [here]

Illinois Man Charged In Plot to Bomb Federal Officer [here]

Man to Be Arraigned In Dallas Skyscraper Bombing Plot [here]

Clearly, despite the assurances of the administration, the "Global War On Terror" is not over. And the election of Barak Hussein Obama to the presidency has not diminished the determination of Islamic radicals to do us harm, in fact it seems to have encouraged them in their course.

The latest round of arrests should wake the country to the continuing threat. In the past leftists and cynical Democrats greeted Bush administration warnings and arrests with scepticism, charging that the terror alerts were simply political ploys. The implication [and sometimes the explicit charge] was that the war on terror was a politically inspired fantasy cooked up by nefarious Republicans to justify constraints on civil liberties.

The first step toward accommodating reality came when Obama's administration decided to continue many of Bush's policies regarding surveillance, detention, interrogation, rendition, and the like. This caused no little amount of confusion on the Left. How could their new Messiah countenance the policies of the hated Bush? Now this latest round of arrests and charges, coming under the Obama administration should drive home, rather belatedly, the realization that there was a real threat and that the measures taken by the Bush administration to address it were reasonable and prudent.

At least we can hope.