Day By Day

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Pennsylvania Pictures -- Coal Country

We drove up through the coal region north of Pottsville recently. Here's a little bit of what we saw.

Row houses in Pottsville. This picture points up one of the problems of taking pictures in these towns. Power lines -- they're everywhere and, unless you are able to take your time and wander around on foot looking for the best angle, you just can't keep them out of your shots.

Ghost signs -- nearly weathered away, they provide a glimpse into the past. From horse stock dairy poultry and feed, to tires, carpets and rugs. The times, they were a changin'. You see a lot of these in the coal country. One of these days when I'm not on a tight schedule I'm going to go back to focus on them.

The old and the new. Right in the heart of anthracite country there is a heavy investment in wind energy. Back in the nineteenth century energy resources brought this region to prominence. Maybe it can happen again.

Steeples. Like the power lines they are everywhere in coal country -- churches and bars. Sounds a lot like the town I grew up in.