Day By Day

Monday, September 28, 2009

Liberal Paranoia [cont.]

The MSM has been trying to convince us that Republicans and conservatives are paranoid conspiracy freaks. But it was no less than Bill Clinton who over the weekend reprised his wife's insane maunderings about the existence of a "vast right wing conspiracy" [here].

Yes there are paranoid conservatives, but they have always operated at the fringes of the movement, but ever since the Sixties, paranoid delusions have issued from the core of the Democrat Party. From the absurd allegations that right wing rhetoric inspired the assassination of John and Robert Kennedy to the current delusion that a vast right wing conspiracy is operating to frustrate left-wing programs and policies, paranoia has been a major element of the liberal world view and such idiocies have issued not from the fringe of the movement, but from the mouths and writings of its leaders.