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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Orwell on Polanski

In his essay on Salvador Dali [a monstrous and disgusting figure, so much so that he would have enjoyed being considered monstrous and disgusting] George Orwell makes the point that having artistic talent does not excuse a person from the standards of decent human conduct by writing:
If Shakespeare returned to the earth to-morrow, and if it were found that his favourite recreation was raping little girls in railway carriages, we should not tell him to go ahead with it on the ground that he might write another KING LEAR.
Read it here.

Obviously he wasn't French or Polish or a denizen of Hollywood.

Polanski did not just rape a thirteen year old girl, he drugged her, sodomized her, and kept her against her will [which I believe is called "kidnapping"]. He admitted as much, pleading "guilty" in court, then skipped the country thus becoming a fugitive from justice. Yet powerful figures in the United States and Europe are protecting him and denouncing those who would make him pay for his crimes.


Dave Gibson asks whether Polanski would receive the same treatment if he were a Catholic priest [here].


Ann Althouse demolishes Polanski defender, Bernard Henri-Levy here.