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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

At Last! Nazi Archives Opened to Public Scrutiny

BBC reports:
Germany has signed an agreement to open for research purposes vast Nazi archives containing millions of files on Holocaust victims.

So far, only survivors and their relatives have been able to get personal information from the archives.

For many years, Germany had argued that giving wider access would violate its privacy laws.

In May, the 11-nation commission in charge of the Nazi records decided that they would be opened to the public.

Read it here.

This has been long overdue. Objective analysis of the information in these archives can add valuable insights into the Holocaust and the regime that brought it about.

Already there are attempts to discredit potentially embarrassing information contained in the archives:

The files contain also the names of collaborators, homosexuals and prostitutes.

Much of this information may be incorrect - the Nazis often had an interest in defaming their victims, the BBC's Ray Furlong reports from Berlin.

Uh, huh. I can hear it now:

No, no, kids, great grandma wasn't a prostitute. That was just a mean story the Nazis made up.

Whaddaya mean? Grandpa was a collaborator!!! You told us he was a freedom fighter!!!

Parenthetically, what was that again about a right to privacy in the brave new world of the EU? You say it doesn't exist? Really!!!!

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