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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Maryland Politics -- Steele Gets Lucky

Ever since Dana Milbank exposed his off the record comments about the Republican Party conservatives have been accusing Michael Steele of being a traitor to the Party, or at least an an ingrate. At the same time the MSM has been chortling over the gaffe and predicting that it will sink Steele's candidacy.

Well, not so fast. Steele may have inadvertantly had his Sister Souljah moment and made victory in the Fall elections far more probable. The Washington Times reports that the widespread publicity given his criticisms of Bush by Democrats and their MSM stooges have boosted his standing among black voters. Democrats have worked hard for months trying to tie Steele to Bush, but now, in their rush to portray Steele as incompetent, Milbank and his ilk have severed that carefully constructed link, enhanced his appeal among black voters, and done the Republicans a big favor.

Couldn'ta gone better if he'd planned it.

Thank you Dana.

Read about it here.

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