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Monday, July 24, 2006


Bloggers are frequently urged to "find your community" -- the grouping of like-minded commentators with whom you regularly interact. Well, my response has always been that of Groucho Marx, to wit, "I would never be a member of any club that would have me." That's why I am registered "Independent" in a State that has closed primaries.

I'm beginning to wonder now. It seems that I find myself nodding in agreement often when reading these guys -- the self-styled RINOs*. Maybe I have found my "herd of free-thinking individuals." But maybe not. DLC Democrats look pretty good to me on some issues.

In the end it pretty much comes down to the War on Terror. The anti-war factions in the Democratic Party exercise sufficient influence to make me doubt that a Democrat can be trusted on national security issues. And for me, the GWOT is the overriding issue of our time. That's why I will not be supporting Democrats this fall, even though some of the Republicans for whom I intend to vote make me feel a bit squeamish.

"RINO Sightings" is up here.

The Truth Laid Bear's, "RINO Community" is here.

* “Raging RINOs” - Republicans / Independents Not Overdosed (on the Party Kool Aid) Conservative bloggers who might not want to drink the Party Kool-Aid on every single issue (ESCR, Schiavo, small government, fiscal responsibility, senatorial compromises, free markets/trade, pandering to Creationists, etc.)

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