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Monday, November 06, 2006

World Ends! Women, Minorities Hardest Hit!

Well, it's an exaggeration..., but not by much. The old joke about left-wing hysteria is a fairly accurate representation of this recent UN report.

Lefties at the UN raise the alarm:

The devastating impact of climate change, mainly caused by ballooning carbon emissions from rich Western nations, will hit hardest in Africa, a United Nations report has warned.

Large African cities will be submerged under rising sea levels, more than 40 per cent of wildlife habitats could disappear, and cereal crop yields - already desperately low in a continent unable to feed itself - could fall by a further 5 per cent.

The report warned that the effect of climate change in Africa is "even more acute" than experts had feared. Up to 70 million people could be at risk from rising sea levels, while droughts, which have overwhelmed the Horn of Africa with increasing regularity, will be more common.

The effects of global warming on some of the world's poorest people must be the main focus at the climate change talks that start in Nairobi today, the report's authors said.

Read it here.

Two points:

1) The sappy redistributionist sentiments that inform much of the global warming debate are fully on display in this report. The rich West is portrayed as a sinner that can only expiate its guilt through massive transfers of wealth to underdeveloped countries.

2) Hysterical, hyperbolic warnings about the effects of global warming can only serve to undermine the credibility of the movement.

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