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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Democratic Protest in Mongolia!

The Democratic Reform Imperative keeps spreading into unlikely places.

The BBC reports:
Activists in Mongolia are calling for fresh elections and have demanded an end to official corruption.

They held protests outside parliament in the capital Ulan Bator on Friday, and say they have more planned.

The action appears to have been inspired by the situation in nearby Kyrgyzstan, where the government has been ousted by a popular uprising.

This is the way the dominoes fall -- one successful revolution sparks another, and another, and another.
During Friday's protest in Liberty Square in Ulan Bator, demonstrators waved flags and chanted: "Let's congratulate our Kyrgyz brothers for their revolutionary spirit. Let's free Mongolia of corruption."
Not catchy, but it gets the message across...

It's hard to say just how significant this is.
One report says as many as 5,000 protesters gathered, but other eyewitnesses say the demonstrators numbered only a few hundred.

Even if it was only a few hundred, it's remarkable, and worth keeping an eye on.

Read about it here.

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