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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Obscurity of Sartre -- All that remains is hate...

Sign and Sight notes:

The fact is that on his 100th birthday, no one in France is interested in Jean-Paul Sartre any more, says Martina Meister. His theatre is dead, his philosophical and literary work is no longer studied at universities. "What remains 100 years later are above all the old animosities. The ideological split seems to have remained intact between those who would rather be wrong with Sartre and those who were right with Raymond Aron, Sartre's bourgeois sociologist adversary who at the time was just as famous as Sartre, but whose 100th birthday went by almost unnoticed. As if the intellectual Cold War were still going on.
Read the whole thing here.

How far we have come in half a century! When I was young Sartre was lionized everywhere. Now he is only remembered by the ideologues of the right [who hate him still] and of the left [who hate the right with eternal and perfect hatred].

When I was sixteen I found his ideas interesting. Now there is only..., nausea.

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