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Thursday, July 28, 2005

At last! A fatwa we can support.

One of the marvels of our day is how opinion on the Europhile left has been transformed by the British bombings. After years of denouncing Bush and saying that it was all our fault, lefties here and across the pond have been having second thoughts about terrorism and its relationship to Islam. And, as liberal support for Islamic radicalism has waned Islamic leaders in the US and Britain have begun to change their tunes.

NYT reports:

Muslim scholars in the United States and Canada plan to release a fatwa, or judicial ruling, in Washington today saying that Islam condemns terrorism, religious extremism and any violence against civilians, including suicide bombings.

They said the fatwa is a response to the bombings this month in London and Egypt, and that they wanted the message to reach both non-Muslims who believe that Islam supports terrorism, as well as Muslims in North America and elsewhere, especially youths who could be susceptible to Islamic extremism.

Read it here.

And read the Chicago Tribune account here.
The times, they are a'changing.

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