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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Nudie Update -- Britain Tries to Cope

My correspondent on nudiana writes to inform me that British authorities are responding in interesting ways to the current fad for mass stripping.

Merseyside is banning the nudies outright.

Local authorities have launched "operation crow" to eliminate nudies from their community.

PC John Schofield, of Merseyside Police, said: "After we received a number of complaints from both visitors and residents in the area, we decided to launch an operation to stop this type of behaviour.

"This type of activity is not acceptable to the many families with young children who like to go out and enjoy the sand dunes on a sunny afternoon.

"We will continue to address this problem and will give penalty notices to anyone responsible for public order offences."

The sunbathers were caught during a two-day operation which took place last week.

Police say the operation will continue through the summer.

Read it here.

Two of the targets of Merseyside's crackdown are shown in the attached picture. The threat is obvious. They are wearing BACKPACKS! Just like the London bombers. Hmmmm...!

Meanwhile Dorset police have a different problem..., and a very different solution.

BBC reports:

Police are set to strip off - to help catch prowlers who are demanding sex from bathers on a nudist beach.

Officers hope by shedding their uniforms they can mingle with others using Studland Beach in Dorset.

They want to deter strangers who have approached bathers after the resort was wrongly branded as a venue for exhibitionist sex, known as "dogging".

Oh my! "Studland Beach!" Can't make this stuff up.

Where's Monty Python when you need them?

At least it's..., innovative policework.

Read it here.

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