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Friday, July 15, 2005

Girl Raised by Dogs

UPI reports [remember when they were still a real news service?]:
A girl brought up by a pack of wild dogs has been discovered in Russia.

The news agency Regnum reports 14-year-old Ramzia Tukmatullina is the daughter of an alcoholic and has been living with the dogs since she was much younger. Neighbors nicknamed her Naida, a popular Russian dog's name.

A local police officer in Kazan reported the case to authorities, leading to an invitation to the girl to appear on a Moscow talk show.
Pretty soon it will be Larry King is calling, then talks of a book deal..., maybe a mini-series, then a film.

Here's the interesting part:
The news agency said there have been a number of similar cases in recent years, usually involving the children of alcoholics. In one case, a girl in the Ukraine was discovered living in a dog house with the family dog.
So it's apparently not unusual for Russian children to be raised by dogs. Hmmm. Too bad Truffaut isn't still around to do a film on it.

Read it here.

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