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Friday, July 22, 2005

New Goya Exhibition in Berlin

Sign and Sight has a good piece on the new Goya exhibition at Berlin's Alte Nationalgalerie. It's nicely illustrated and written and boasts lots of good links. [here] It's good that Goya's art is traveling. Seen in the original he has a stunning impact. I walked into the Prado convinced that Velasquez was Spain's greatest painter and came out gushing about Goya, (although I did spend nearly an hour staring at "Las Meninas").

RELATED? (well, sorta)

Goya is the good news from Berlin -- here's the bad.

Reuters reports:

BERLIN (Reuters) - Michael Jackson wants to move to Berlin because he has fallen in love with the city, his father Joe told Germany's Bild newspaper on Thursday.

The mass-circulation paper and several German dailies said the U.S. pop star, who dangled his baby from the railing of a fourth-floor hotel window on a 2002 visit, was fond of Berlin's zoo, the beauty of nearby Potsdam and supportive European fans.

"Michael Jackson is going to become a Berliner!" Bild wrote on top of its front page. "His father is already looking for a house. The King of Pop wants to move to Berlin -- his father tells Bild in an interview."

Read it here.

Need I say it? Lock your doors and hide your children!

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