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Monday, July 25, 2005

CNN's lousy news judgment

Roger Simon comments on the decision of CNN to focus attention for more that two days on the killing of an innocent Brazilian man by London Police while neglecting far more important stories. He writes:
Unlike the actions of London police, however, CNN's decision was not an accident. It is deeply reactionary in its implications because it distracts the public from the most serious imaginable problem into the side issue of the culpability of a few working class cops and, by implication, those in charge of them, who were only trying to react in a desperate situation. When I say many in the media have become "objectively pro-fascist," this is an example of what I mean. And not as small a one as it may seem.
Read it here.

He's right, you know. In today's dramatic and rapidly changing environment many on the left have opted to become profoundly reactionary, falling back upon the positions they held in their youth, in another world and another time.

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