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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pennsylvania Politics -- Latest Poll

Little has changed in the senatorial contest between Ricky Santorum and Little Bobby Casey, a fact that should worry Republicans. Rasmussen reports:

July 22, 2005--The latest Rasmussen Reports survey shows that Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is living up to his reputation as the most vulnerable incumbent at this point in the 2006 election cycle. Santorum trails Democrat Bob Casey, Jr by eleven percentage points, 52% to 41%.

Casey is viewed favorably by 49% of the state’s likely voters while 27% have an unfavorable opinion. For Santorum, 44% say favorable and 43% unfavorable.

Casey earns 85% of the vote from self-identified liberal voters and 62% from moderates. Santorum currently attracts 66% of the conservative vote.

Read the whole thing here.

What jumps out in this poll is conservative dissatisfaction with Santorum. Many have not forgiven him for supporting Specter against Toomey, and it is likely they will carry that resentment to the polls. Meanwhile liberals, despite their reservations about his pro-life stand, are rallying behind Casey. Santorum has lots of work to do here. Can he mend fences? Can he close the gap?

Stay tuned....

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