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Monday, July 25, 2005

Zimbabwe Update -- Much Ado About Very Little

The Christian Science Monitor, ever hopeful, tries to pretend that opposition to Mad Bobby Mugabe's disastrous economic and population policies is gaining momentum.

It points to three developments, none of which means much.

1) Mugabe has applied to South Africa for a billion dollar loan. The CSM sees this as an opportunity for SA President Thabo Mbeki to pressure Mugabe. Maybe it is, but the opportunity will be declined. Mbeki is not interested in stiffing Mugabe who is popular with the SA poor.

2) The UN has condemned Mugabe's policies. The CSM thinks this will encourage other African states to oppose the old dictator. But this is unlikely, especially since several other African counties have carried out similar policies in the past.

3) "Prominent voices" like Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai have spoken out against Mugabe's policies. Oh yeah, that will have a lot of impact.

None of these developments amounts to much. Mugabe certainly will not be deterred by any of these.

Meanwhile Mugabe is going to China for economic support. So long as China is willing to support and encourage the old madman in an attempt to bolster their presence in Africa he will be immune to any pressures from the West.

Read about it here.

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