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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Lebanon Update -- Now it's economic warfare

Check out this traffic jam -- all in a day's work on the Lebanon-Syrian border.

Having failed to maintain direct political and military control of Lebanon, Syria is now resorting to economic warfare. Syria controls one of two land exits from Lebanon [the other leads to Israel and is closed] and has imposed security checks that effectively shut off most inland traffic, seriously damaging Lebanon's commerce. YaLibnan reports:

Beirut, Lebanon - The Lebanese-Syrian border problem continues. Thousands of truckers have been facing tremendous delays and abuses on the borders.

These delays have resulted in huge losses for the Lebanese farmers, traders and the transportation industry.

Syrian Transport Minister Makram Obeid said that security concerns were behind the crisis on the Lebanese-Syrian borders.

The US has been pressuring Syria to control its borders [meaning the border with Iraq]. This is how they respond.

Read it here.

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