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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Irshad Manji calls for a dialogue within Islam

As I noted last week, the bombings in London seem to have focused the minds of American liberals in a way that 9/11 never did. Killing working-class Brits seems to have resonated far more than killing American soldiers or capitalists. The bombings seem to have had a similar effect on moderate Muslims. A general sense is emerging that the radical Islamists have at last gone too far.

Irshad Manji writes:
I believe thursday's bombings in London, combined with the first wave of explosions two weeks ago, are changing something for the better. Never before have I heard Muslims so sincerely denounce terrorism committed in our name as I did on my visit to Britain a few days ago. We're finally waking up.
She argues that it is time for religious leaders to speak up and for average Muslims to accept that their faith has something to do with motivating these killers. She calls for a general dialogue within the Muslim community regarding the dictates of their religion. Now this is the kind of dialogue that might yield positive results.

Read it here.

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