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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Coffeeshop Culture Comes to Dutch Country

There have been two attempts now to establish a coffee shop in the village near where I live in deep rural Pennsylvania. The first failed in less than a year. The second has now been open for a few months and may make it. I certainly hope so. Their cinnamon buns and sauerkraut are tasty, mmm.... Here are a couple of interior shots of the place. Not quite the same ambiance as in the urban coffee-shops I normally frequent, and not quite the same customer base. While I was there a woman came in to ask if they had ever heard of a thing called "chai" and if so, what was it. They don't even have wi-fi, but even so I'll be back..., for the cinnamon buns and sauerkraut [served separately, of course].

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