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Monday, February 27, 2006

Riots in Dublin

Bloomburg has an overview here.
Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) -- The worst violence in Dublin for a quarter century has left stores counting the cost of lost trade and politicians and police calling on the government to look into how hundreds of rioters were able to paralyze the city center. Retailers in the Irish capital lost about 10 million euros ($11.9 million) from the Feb. 25 violence, according to trade association Retail Ireland. Some store owners are concerned that figure may rise should the country's reputation be damaged after Irish republicans blocked a march by the pro-British loyalists.... Republicans set vehicles alight, looted stores and hurled missiles at police starting on O'Connell Street, the capital's main thoroughfare. The violence was a response to loyalists from Northern Ireland, who had planned to march through the city for the first time in 70 years before abandoning the event.
Back Seat Drivers has lots of photos here, here, and here.

And also check out the Dossing Times coverage here.

And Richard Delevan here.

And here's the Indymedia coverage.

The above image of the woman pushing a babe in a stroller past a burned out car says it all.

Faction fighting may be disturbing but it's a hell of an improvement on the mad bombers of yore. Twelve million dollars damage is chicken feed [except of course to the merchants involved]. But this sound and fury was relatively innocuous.

Will Willie Frazier try to stage another march? What will be the Republican response? Will there be a political fallout? Who can tell?

Stay tuned.

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