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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Maryland Politics -- Retrenchments

Gov. Ehrlich has begun to moderate his stand on the Dubai port deal. WaPo reports that he is now "inclined" to allow the deal to proceed. Obviously someone from the White House has been calling. Baltimore's Macho Mayor Martin O'Malley, however, is still defiant. Read about it here.

Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, down in the polls and suffering staff shakeups, admits that his campaign has suffered some "hickups". What is happening is a profound disagreement over strategy between State and National republican advisors. The national Republicans want to put Steele out in prominent positions to advertise the Party's commitment to Black Americans. Steele's State advisors, though, want to limit his appearances until the campaign begins in earnest. The State advisors seem to have won the contest. Steele has fired two prominent staffers placed there by the National Committee.

Read it here.

Tonight I was contacted by some Cardin people and asked to attend one of their functions. I explained that I vote in Pennsylvania and didn't have a dog in the local fight, and that I liked Kweisi Mfume. Didn't dissuade them, though. When it happens I'll report on it.

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