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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pennsylvania Politics -- It's Swann v. Rendell

Bill Scranton has dropped out of the race, leaving Swann a clear field for the nomination to take on Ed Rendell in the general election.

Meanwhile, Time reports that the Super Steelers win last Sunday has boosted Swann's image.
Lynn Swann, the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player 30 years ago, is hoping to capture the Republican Party's official endorsement this Saturday in the Pennsylvania governor's race—an endorsement that has traditionally locked up the Republican primary election, which will be held in May of this year. And judging by the overwhelming support for Swann's Steelers last night at Ford Field, any potential challenger might consider throwing in their Terrible Towel.
Read it here.

K-Lo at the Corner reports from a Pittsburgh correspondent:
Lynn Swann was just speaking at the Steelers victory celebration in Pittsburgh (Rendell is in attendance). He was interrupted by the crowd chanting GOVERNOR, GOVERNOR, GOVERNOR! He actually had to stop the crowd and remind them that today is just about the glorious Steeler Super bowl victory !

It is a GREAT day in the 'burgh!
Read it here.

All well and good, but can he carry Philly?


Dick Morris finally has caught on to what many of us have long known and have written about, something important is taking place in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland -- the development of a significant Black Republican political presence.

Read him here.

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